Teknisk support Industrielle sensorer
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With Ethernet IO modules from Pepperl+Fuchs, field devices are easily connected to a higher-level bus system. The modules support all common Ethernet communication protocols, and you can easily set the desired type using the rotary selector on the device.

The Ethernet IO modules offer comprehensive diagnostic functions that improve transparency within the process. LEDs provide status information for each channel, allowing channel-specific diagnosis at all times. An integrated web server enables remote access to network parameters such as IP address, subnet masks, and gateways.

Equipped with a “decentralized intelligence” function, the modules are able to handle smaller applications without any dependency on a remote control panel. The modules evaluate parameters autonomously, and information is transferred to the PLC only if it is necessary.

This facilitates the higher-level system and additionally improves reaction times, supporting the demands of Industrie 4.0 scenarios.

The module’s power connector with an L-coded M12 plug connection allows a higher current rating of up to 16 A. As a result, the modules are able to meet higher peak loads, and fewer cables are needed.

With a fully encapsulated housing, the modules are extremely durable and suited even for harsh conditions. The rugged design allows various mounting options. This eases installation and integration into existing plants.

With this array of innovative features, the Ethernet IO modules boost plant efficiency.