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Sensors for Busses+Trains

Public transportation vehicles have special requirements for automatic door monitoring. Pepperl+Fuchs has a wide selection of sensor systems for automatic doors that will satisfy virtually any application requirement.

ProScan is uniquely capable of monitoring wide thresholds of the automatic doors on public transportation vehicles with an array of 12 infrared light beams. Its distinctive auto-teach capability allows sensing in constantly changing environments, and the ProScan’s sensing field is easily customized for a wide range of automatic door systems. It is certified in accordance with the German Train Standard EN50155.

Detection of people in public transport vehicles doors is dependable and versatile with the TopScan door sensor. Modular sensors fit into a track and are readily set for beam position and angle, operation modes, and left or right edge monitoring. It is frequently used to detect persons in pedestrian, bus, and train doors.

ML29 series miniature thru-beam photoelectric sensors
ML29 series miniature thru-beam photoelectric sensors

Tiny and economical, the ML29 series miniature thru-beam photoelectric sensors fit into almost any public transportation vehicle’s doorframe. The ML29 series has fast and reliable thru-beam sensing at up to 8.5 m, a tamper-proof housing, and a wide 16° operating angle for no-hassle alignment. It is used to monitor automatic door systems and has also been certified according to the German Train Standard EN50155.